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And your arm felt nice wrapped ‘round my shoulder,
and I had a feeling that I belonged.

The Scientist - Coldplay
You don’t know how lovely you are

I know this is lame beyond belief but this song always reminds me of the first guy I ever really believed I loved. I don’t really hold on to him in any way anymore except a song or two and one poem (by Edgar Allen Poe LMAO), and this song is one of them. 

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now obsessed w this album ,which i illegally downloaded like a bum but might also actually buy as a testament to how much i fuck w it

ugh I know it’s so greatttttttttt I think I’m going to buy it too

my favorite right now is “dance slow decades” but it changes a lot, “Lights Out” is a strong contender, my favorite line is “no one’s gonna hear it the same as it’s said/no one’s gonna listen to it straight from your head” and also “some days all you need is one good thought strong in your mind”

I’m gonna go see her perform at the end of the month, possibly by myself, in which case I’m gonna be crying a lot probably


stay the night, zedd ft. hayley williams (COVER BY ME!!!!!!!)

i saw the covers on youtube and cringed they are all so professional but alas all i have is my handy dandy camera. also, apologies on behalf of my camera - it is very overzealous in focusing.

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snaps to my girl~~


Dillon Francis (feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) - Without You


Trails And Ways - Nunca

i like dis


Tove Styrke - Four Elements

Totally in love with this song <333


Rhye - Open

most beautiful song in the world to me right now~~~



jessica simpson || with you

once my mom drunk dialed m e this song when i was like 14 on my.voicemail from the radio abd said this is what it’s like when u fall in love

omg this is still my jam

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